2015 wrap up (part 2)

… you can hear us next at Cardboard Studios on December 13th, for an intimate and relaxed performance.

Besides all of that, Siach Hasadeh  joined Brigitte Dajczer and Jane Enkin from Winnipeg, for an extremely enriching and promising collaboration on tangos written in Yiddish from the earlier part of the last century.  The repertoire is brilliant, Jane’s approach to it is so great, tasteful and dramatic.  We had a great time debuting the material and hope to have more opportunities to work on it very soon!

We’ve had a great time with the Reliable Suspenders, and a productive residence with Essence Yemenite, There’s also a Turkish classical project in the works, collaborations with classical chamber musicians, and an exploration of Turkish Jewish Ottoman mystical music.  In all it’s been a great one and we are super excited for what’s to come.  All the best for 2016!

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