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Yoni Kaston is a Montreal based multi-instrumentalist, performing primarily with accordion, clarinet and piano.  His musical education has come from a vastly diverse set of teachers and genres – having studied piano and harpsichord at McGill University, and then with Colin Tilney, he has since refocused on traditional and art music from around the world, finding his own voice and range of expression within the various styles.  Yoni has recently been emerging as one of the very active musicians in the Montreal Jewish and World music scenes, learning from a vast array of masters, performing and collaborating with musicians from many traditions.  He is co-director of Siach Hasadeh (improvised Jewish chamber music) and Ihtimanska (creative takes on Turkish and Bulgarian music), and a member of Ichka, Amerike, and Tango Yona, as well as other collaborations.  Yoni is constantly exploring, integrating elements of each music and instrument that he encounters into his own unique and organic style.