Other collaborations and roles

Teacher at Klezkanada – Dance accompaniment, accordion, klezmer theory, beginner ensemble

Teacher at Yiddish Summer Weimar – intermediate woodwinds

Oud in Andalusian ensemble led by Ervin Sebag and Tamar Cohen

Accordion and clarinet for video shoot with Confluences (Antoine Bustros, Amir Amiri, Reza Abaee)

Accordion and clarinet with Ensemble Tessala (Samuel Bonnet, Khalil Moqadem, Nathaniel Huard)

Clarinet on Magillah album Tur Malka – Track 13 “Landshaft”

Halay Project with Ariane Morin and Jordan Markov

Slichot at Ashkenaz with Aviva Chernick

Kiki’s Klezmer Four

Mike Anklewicz Klezmer trio