Exciting times!

Dear friends of Cardboard Studios, it’s been very exciting times lately, maybe almost too exciting, but I can’t complain (not that that ever stopped me).  I just wanted to give some news and highlights for those interested in some of the stuff going on.

We’ve been working hard with KlezkanadaArt Against Humanity , and the Museum of Jewish Montreal on bringing more Yiddish music and dance programming in Montreal, and it is starting to bear fruit.  We’re right now in the middle of a small festival we’ve put together called The Seykhel Revolution, bringing artists from the UK, USA and Russia, as well as local Montrealers and so far it’s been great!  We’re thrilled with the turnout and motivated to make more and more happen here.  A nice video of the closing set of last nights performance by my group Ichka below, enjoy!  We even had a great article written about us in the Devoir!  There are still two more shows to come, tonight (Sept 13, 2017) at 7pm at Dorshei Emet – Polina Shepherd (with Yoni and Zilien) and tomorrow night (Sept 14) Zisl Slepovitch at the JRCC.  See the details on the Cardboard Studios sidebar or here: www.artagainsthumanity.ca/tickets

… continued on next post ….

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